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Monday, February 10th, 2014
7:54 am
Thursday, October 3rd, 2013
1:34 pm
Nocturne's visions
For anyone who may have missed Nocturne's rendition of history on Friday night / Saturday morning, here it is. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 8th, 2013
4:20 pm
Madrigal event June 14-16:
Far to the south of Mhurkiel the mists of the open ocean have parted, revealing a previously unknown island to the sailors and pirates that sail near the area. Tales place the island in the ocean east of Onhur, separated from the Land of the Dead by the mountains that run on the eastern border of that land. News of the mysterious island has spread throughout the many kingdoms of Aerune, and several organizations have sent ships of explorers to investigate the island and create Gates back to the mainland.

So far, no gates have been created and no explorer has returned.

In Shadowfane, a woman with a mask covering half of her face walks around town and talks briefly to a few people, then posts the following message in the tavern:

To the People of Shadowfane -

I believe the island that has just appeared to the south of Mhurkiel contains some of the answers that we seek regarding the Virtues... and the Abberant, that we were told would be opened to the world.

If you can make your way to the coast of Kordova, there will be a boat waiting there to take us to the island. I don’t know what will be there, only that those who have gone have not returned.

- Isabelle

Over the next few weeks, a man in the garb of a priest of Naveril starts working with members of town to arrange supplies for a long journey, and opens a gate to Kordova for those who don’t wish to make the trip overland.

After several weeks of preparation, the ship sets forth...

OOG notes and directionsCollapse )
Thursday, May 16th, 2013
8:47 am
To all the peoples across the lands of Aerune -

It is with pride and solemnity, celebration and joy that we announce this news today. Many have worked toward this moment, and although it is for the Judge to decide, his wisdom is complete and in accordance with the will of his people.

Let it be known that on this day, the 22nd day of Son'l, in the year 1523 of the Common Calendar - the White Court welcomes back our sister Elshea. She retakes her place as a full member of the White Court, with all of the rights, privileges and responsibilities thereunto. Let her Holy Day be celebrated, her Priests and High Priests welcomed, and her temples filled with the devotions of the faithful.

Long has she been apart from the family of Aradach – let all difficulties be put to rest, all animosities released, and all thoughts of guilt or wrongdoing expunged. Our sister has returned to us, and our family is once again complete. This is a day of joy and re-unification.

By my name, and in accordance with Divine Will,

Stefano III
High Patriarch of Aradach, Servant of the Sovereign, Adjudicator of our Souls, Arbiter of Divine Truth
Thursday, February 21st, 2013
7:28 am
A Call to War‏
As snow blankets Aerune and most of the lands settle down to wait for spring, all is not quiet in Avanlei, where long-bubbling tensions between Avanlei and their dark neighbors, the Malekyrg, have recently erupted into open warfare. It seems the ongoing depredations of the Malekyrg were too much to be born by the kingdom of Avanlei and that the time had come to take a stand.

And yet...

There have been rumors for months of a dark influence in Avanlei, of strange occurrances among the nobility, of a few too many glimpses of faces with a web across them. The people of Avanlei say there is nothing wrong, save the war, and firmly turn their faces towards the East and the threat there.

And yet...

From an estate in southern Avanlei, far from the capital, several groups messengers are sent out, riding towards the borders. One lone messenger, traveling through the Griffon peaks in the dead of winter, manages to escape Avanlei and bears a message to the north, to Shadowfane, where he asks that it be spread.

Duke Ansellus Galanar, Lord of House Galanar and Knight of Avanlei, has called to the Heroes of Shadowfane to come to a fortified inn just outside Inverne, the Copper Lion. There are two threats in Avanlei right now, one open, one hidden, both of grave danger to the country. He calls to those of Shadowfane to come to Avanlei to deal with the threat posed by the Shetra and the ongoing war with the Malekyrg.

OOG portion: the entire campsite will be representing an area in Avanlei, with the Roskin side of the camp being the main house and the 'normal' side of camp being some outlying buildings (NOT Shadowfane).
Thursday, February 14th, 2013
10:10 am
Looking for NPCs for Madrigal Revel!
Madrigal is actively recruiting NPCs for our upcoming revel, February 22-24. Come to fight, roleplay, and earn more sweet, sweet CP!

Our Monster Camp is a large, HEATED building which sleeps 40 - each with a built-in bunk. It also has two large bathrooms with several showers in-house, a large common area, a small kitchen area, and a sweeping back porch which overlooks the lake. Two nearby cabins have also been set aside for additional NPC sleeping space. Saturday night dinner is provided for all NPCs who stay for the majority of the weekend.

We have GREAT need for both fight-y and roleplay-y peoples, so if you'd like to join in the fun, please email madrigalnpc AT accelerantgames DOT com to register (and let us know what sorts of roles you prefer!), or if you have questions about NPCing. A basic guide to NPCing Madrigal may be found online. Even if you can only come for a few hours, we'd still love to see you!
Monday, January 7th, 2013
11:39 am
Teaser for RP day 1/12/13
The Night of Dreams approaches. It is longest and last night of the year in Aerune. With the dawn comes the beginning of the new year, and with it renewed hope for the present and future. The Night of Dreams, however, is a time of remembrance. Ancient spirits stir on this last night and visit the halls and hearths of the living. These spirits listen for tales of the past. To speak, on the Night of Dreams, of the future - of what must be done is to disrespect the ancient spirits and invite ill fortune in the year ahead.

While the winter months often prevent folk from gathering for the Night of Dreams, this year the magic of Diardha beckons the heroes of Shadowfane to find their way into the hidden halls that once marked the border of that kingdom. Ancient gates open and invite travelers to celebrate the Night of Dreams. A princess walks halls long empty that once marked the border of her kingdom and calls to heroes to join her to remember the past.


The Night of Dreams is a time to remember deeds past. It is considered both disrespectful and bad luck to speak of the present and future. The tasks, business, and worries of the year ahead are set aside during the Night of Dreams. The Gifted Races have one last chance to remember the deeds and words of the past before the year fades from the world and with it the old magics. The Night of Dreams, the last song in the melody of the year, is a time to remember heroic deeds both great and small. Stories of the year past, and of the countless years before it, are celebrated and shared.

The wintry months and dangerous roads of Aerune have meant that the Night of Dreams is most often celebrated with a small group of immediate family. In ancient days, however, the Night of Dreams was more often a time of large gatherings. And this years so it shall be again.

Although the gathering of the Night of Dreams is a time to meet and celebrate, there are four celebrations that are traditionally spread among the gathering.

The Lessons of Spring
This celebration is a presentation of puzzles to the guests. Sometimes clever guests who enjoy this will arrive with contributions to this celebration, though this is not required nor it is the usual etiquette. The puzzles are meant to represent the knowledge gained throughout the year. Guests often join in pairs or groups of three to work on the puzzles together. The puzzles are not presented at one time, but rather made available during the celebration as a chance for guests to display their cleverness and wit for the length of the party. The guests present solutions to the hosts are their leisure, and then return the puzzles so other guests my attempt them. It is said that sometimes those who complete the puzzles are rewarded by whispers of past knowledge by spirits of ancient times, but more often the host offers some bit of knowledge or a favor for those who complete enough of the puzzles to satisfy them. Guests who present their own puzzles to the party are said to bring great favor, but only if the puzzles bring joy to the other guests. Puzzles that are too easy or too hard are often set aside the the chance at extra favor is lost.

The Trophies of Summer
This celebration begins as guests arrive. Guests are invited upon arrival to place a trinket, trophy or creation of some sort on display as a remembrance of the past. Later during the celebration the host invites attendees to step forward and say a few sentences on what past deed the trinket represents to them. This celebration is also a way for friends who could not attend to be present in spirit; it was not unknown for someone who could not be present to send a trinket with another to represent them. Legend say that ancient spirits sometimes lend their blessing and magic to trinkets that please them and these trinkets carry good fortune in the year ahead.

The presentation of the trophy is called the Summer Remembrance. Although many guests in modern times will present their trophy informally as a short tribute to some past deed, the traditional format for the "Summer Remembrance" is three sentences, presented in a verbal meter to make it clear when one ends and the next begins. Highborn guests are traditionally more likely to remain true to the Summer Remembrance format. The meter of the Summer Remembrance traditionally consists of two medium length sentences followed by one longer sentence, with a rising meter between them to make it clear to those in attendance where each sentence begins and ends.

The Harvests of Autumn
This celebration is a presentation of food from harvests and hunts of the year past.

The Warmth of Winter
In this celebration the host invites attendees to take up heated drink and to celebrate a past deed by honoring it with a toast. Those who step forward will raise a glass, and briefly honor a deed of the past, both great and small.

OOG notesCollapse )
Wednesday, October 31st, 2012
6:14 pm
Festival of the Dead
As the world turns gray and the warmer months fade, the Festival of the Dead approaches. In the lands far to the south, a lone figure wearing a dark cloak with a white star on the shoulder walks through the ruins of an old keep, located in an oasis in the middle of the sands. There is no one left among the living there, though recent bloodstains indicate that there were inhabitants, perhaps not long ago. He pauses for a moment to touch a torn, bloodstained banner with the same star symbol that adorns his cloak, before continuing on.

He touches one of the doorways, and a gate appears, leading into a small room containing a box on a pedestal and nothing else. The box is empty now, though the faint outline on the lining of the box indicates something lay there for a long time. The man touches the indentation briefly, eyes fluttering closed, then turns and walks back into the main part of the keep, the gate closing behind him.

Leaving the building entirely, he strides out into the cold winter air, then opens another gate, this to a familiar location. He steps into Shadowfane and asks that the following word be spread:

“I am Sir Nathaniel, of the Order of the Star, and I must beg of you your aid. The last stronghold of the Order of the Star has fallen, and the fallen of the Order are not at rest. Their spirits do not rest easy, not with their deaths, and not with their failure. There is something that must be recovered, and those who fell here must be dealt with. I will keep the gate to this place open all through the Festival of the Dead.”

As the world turns gray and the warmer months fade, the Festival of the Dead approaches. In the lands far to the north, in the mountains, several figures gather around a ritual circle. Two are vampires, one with a mask that covers her face and rises above her head, the other shorter, dressed in red and black and gold. The others appear to be human, dressed as the wandering folk do, but in dark colors usually shunned by those people. They move carefully in a pattern around the ritual circle, placing components and candles at carefully spaced intervals. At the center of the circle is a map, with a dark dot in the northwest quadrant.

Out of Game Information:Collapse )
Friday, September 21st, 2012
7:47 am
Darkness Falls‏
With the solstice past and the new moon days gone, the denizens of Shadowfane look towards nights filled with moonlight. As the gather approaches, however, dimness hangs in the air. At night the hairs on the back of the neck stand on edge. Shadowy figures dance at the edge of vision. Residents of Shadowfane with a longer history dream of haunting melodies in the darkness. As the gather approaches even magical light begins to dim and fail. As if waiting for the light to fade, figures drift closer and closer to hearths and patrols. Shadow blankets the land and within that cloak figures wait to come forth.

Something wicked waits for the gathering of Shadowfane. As the denizens settle in there are several changes players should be aware of.Collapse )
Monday, April 23rd, 2012
8:41 pm
Thank you for a great April event!
Thanks to everyone who came out for our April event! We had a wonderful time, and hope that you did too. Thanks especially to our amazing NPCs, who work so hard to help create fun and challenges for our players!

If you're new to the game, or are looking for a refresher on how Event Check-out and Player Event Letters (PELs) work, please see the Madrigal website. To earn character points, your PEL must be submitted within two weeks of an event - the deadline for PELs for this event is May 5th. (You can submit a PEL after that, of course - and please, please do - you just won't be assigned cp for it)

PELs are a vital part of making a carefully constructed, detailed game experience for you. The staff wants to know what you're thinking, dreaming, and planning, so that we can prepare appropriately, and so we can create a game reality that's as real as possible for your character. We want to know what you didn't enjoy as well, of course, so that we can learn and grow and create better game experiences for you. If you have criticisms, we just ask that you please be nice - this is our hobby too, and no-one likes to be yelled at. Constructive criticism is great). PELs are also a significant part of the staff 'paycheck' - when you had a great time, and tell us so, we get a warm fuzzy feeling that all of our effort and hard work has paid off. PELs give us joy and inspiration, and we can't wait to read yours!

Our next event is Highsummer: June 8-10, 2012.  Hope to see you there!
Saturday, February 19th, 2011
1:15 am
Latecomers: The Camp Roads Are A Mess!
For those not yet on site: the warm temps and unexpected heavy rain combined to make the two main roads into campsite a sea of mud and deep ruts. We're hoping that the cool temps overnight and tomorrow firm things up for Sunday, but if you're planning on showing up tomorrow, please use your best judgment when driving on the camp road.

If you are concerned, as mentioned elsewhere (thank you, Michelle!), please park either on a side street near Camp Road or along the main street: your car must be pointing the "correct" direction (with traffic, not facing it), and your passenger-side wheels must be inside the white line. Then, walk into camp. Sadly, the local Park And Ride which many people used is now full.
Sunday, February 6th, 2011
11:01 am
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
10:27 pm
Revel Registration Closed:
Hi guys.

Registration for the Madrigal Revel is officially closed. As you may have noticed, it's snowed a bit this winter, and we want to try to not exceed the camp's current capacity, given the snow.

Anyone who has received a note from me confirming attendance is set. I'll send a final list tomorrow.

In addition, anyone who is staying on the normal side of town (near monster camp), will receive an extra .5 CP for 'tenting' this event.


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Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
9:16 am
Madrigal NPC's wanted for the Revel
Madrigal is actively recruiting NPCs for our upcoming revel, February 18-20. Come to fight, roleplay, and earn more sweet, sweet CP!

Our Monster Camp is a large, HEATED building which sleeps 40 - each with a built-in bunk. It also has two large bathrooms with several showers in-house, a large common area, a small kitchen area, and a sweeping back porch which overlooks the lake. Two nearby cabins have also been set aside for additional NPC sleeping space. Saturday night dinner is provided for all NPCs who stay for the majority of the weekend.

We have GREAT need for both fight-y and roleplay-y peoples, so if you'd like to join in the fun, please email madrigalnpc AT accelerantgames DOT com to register (and let us know what sorts of roles you prefer!), or if you have questions about NPCing. A basic guide to NPCing Madrigal may be found online. Even if you can only come for a few hours, we'd still love to see you!

Further detailsCollapse )

Monday, January 31st, 2011
9:34 pm
2011 Event and Membership Pricing Changes:

Here is the finalized pricing and reward costs for Madrigal and Mirror Mirror for 2011.

Membership: $0
Event Cost: $80

Preregistration: Now gives .5 backlogged CP.
Tenting: Now gives .5 backlogged CP.

What this means is that the Preregistration and tenting CP no longer counts for your 15 per year limit. Not only does this allow current players to eventually catch up, but 4 events and a revel only counts as 7.5 CP towards your yearly limit and 2.5 backlogged CP making staffing other games rewarding later in the year.

For Madrigal, meals will be $6 for brunch and $8 for dinner bringing the total to an even $20.00.


(The website and PayPal buttons have now been corrected!)
Friday, January 21st, 2011
8:26 pm
As the snows whisper down from the mountains, and Aerune settles in for a long winter, the land of Rhoemurg finds itself astir with strange creatures and whispered rumors.

There are reports of strange creatures and happenings plaguing the populace; monsters and legendary figures known only through folk tales and old stories have come to life, or so the farmers say. No ordinary monsters, these, but magical and imaginary beings never-before
encountered outside of a bardic tale now walk the fields and roads, watching for the unwary or unlucky.

The Blood Tribes are at their strongest at the borders of Rhoemurg, and they are neither a people who love peace nor a people who are intimidated by the cold. Many say that these tribes now organize in ways never before seen, for darker purposes than have yet been imagined. They become ever more powerful and fearless, no longer so quiet about these new goals as they once were.

And now, the royal family of Rhoemurg invites the heroes of Shadowfane to visit this winter -- for it is in the colder months that the beauty and strength of this country and her people may be most truly appreciated. The doors of King Ossek's favorite hunting lodge are to be flung wide to receive those from Shadowfane who dare make the journey to appreciate these qualities.

Rhoemurg shapes her people sternly, but not solely for war. Ways in which to battle Winter itself are valued as much as strength at arms, and respect is given to those skilled at whiling away the hours with storytelling and with games both clever and rambunctious. Those who can keep the spirits of those around them raised are a treasure.

In the end, perhaps it is only heroes who could truly appreciate such dangerous beauty as Rhoemurg offers; indeed, is this an invitation, or a challenge?

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Saturday, January 15th, 2011
7:45 pm
2011 Madrigal Event Dates:
The Winter Revel is just around the corner, February 18-20.

The regular season dates are:
May 13-15
June 17-19
September 9-11
November 18-20

...website has been updated; the final pricing changes to be announced soon!

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Monday, January 10th, 2011
2:42 pm
Pricing changes for 2011:

As mentioned at the end of the last event, the pricing plan for 2011 is changing for two reasons.

~ First, the camp price has been creeping up for years, and insurance is higher this year. Sadly I need to increase the price of the events.

~ Second, the current pricing plan is confusing and I am looking for a much simpler plan.

My current thoughts: Cut for length...Collapse )

An optional poll!Collapse )

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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
2:46 pm
Reminder: Madrigal Props-making Procedure
A reminder about the Madrigal Props-making procedure - if you often make props for us, please take a moment to read this announcement, and ping Staff with any questions:

* If you are asked to create something by a member of Plot, either the request must come from the Props Coordinator or the Director, or, if the request comes from another member of Staff, either one of them should "sign off" on the project in writing (email) before you start the project - being CC'd on email is fine. Projects submitted for CP/$$ which are not confirmed in writing beforehand may not be accepted going forward, so please take note of this.

* If the item you are making will cost more than $50 in raw materials, or will accrue more than 5 CP for the total project, that must be signed off on in writing (email) by the Props Coordinator or the Director beforehand. In most cases we will be aware of this when assigning the project, so it shouldn't be much of an issue, but if you have any questions (or if time/materials seem to be running over your expectations), please drop us a note.

Thank you all very much for all the hard work you put into making the game awesome for yourselves and each other - we really appreciate it! :)
Friday, October 29th, 2010
3:55 pm
Posted around Shadowfane
Bonatifka, brothers and sisters, and honored Heroes of Shadowfane!

The time of the Grey Man creeps upon us, and the time for travels before the snow flies grows shorter with each passing day. But what is this? A gathering of the travelers, the wanderers, the gypsies and the adventurers have been called forth, and the kind keeper of the Crossroads tavern has opened their doors to us!

Come: laugh, love, eat and be merry at the Crossroads with us - we have stories to tell, and wish to hear your stories as well! Although it seems that we have business to attend to, we'll not place it before our laughter ringing wide and loud, to chase the chill away one last time!

Travel safely, 'til next we meet!

~ Lillyanne D'Nol
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