Marika (jjmarika) wrote in madrigal_larp,

Posted around Shadowfane

Bonatifka, brothers and sisters, and honored Heroes of Shadowfane!

The time of the Grey Man creeps upon us, and the time for travels before the snow flies grows shorter with each passing day. But what is this? A gathering of the travelers, the wanderers, the gypsies and the adventurers have been called forth, and the kind keeper of the Crossroads tavern has opened their doors to us!

Come: laugh, love, eat and be merry at the Crossroads with us - we have stories to tell, and wish to hear your stories as well! Although it seems that we have business to attend to, we'll not place it before our laughter ringing wide and loud, to chase the chill away one last time!

Travel safely, 'til next we meet!

~ Lillyanne D'Nol
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