Bef (cliodhna) wrote in madrigal_larp,

Reminder: Madrigal Props-making Procedure

A reminder about the Madrigal Props-making procedure - if you often make props for us, please take a moment to read this announcement, and ping Staff with any questions:

* If you are asked to create something by a member of Plot, either the request must come from the Props Coordinator or the Director, or, if the request comes from another member of Staff, either one of them should "sign off" on the project in writing (email) before you start the project - being CC'd on email is fine. Projects submitted for CP/$$ which are not confirmed in writing beforehand may not be accepted going forward, so please take note of this.

* If the item you are making will cost more than $50 in raw materials, or will accrue more than 5 CP for the total project, that must be signed off on in writing (email) by the Props Coordinator or the Director beforehand. In most cases we will be aware of this when assigning the project, so it shouldn't be much of an issue, but if you have any questions (or if time/materials seem to be running over your expectations), please drop us a note.

Thank you all very much for all the hard work you put into making the game awesome for yourselves and each other - we really appreciate it! :)
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