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Pricing changes for 2011:


As mentioned at the end of the last event, the pricing plan for 2011 is changing for two reasons.

~ First, the camp price has been creeping up for years, and insurance is higher this year. Sadly I need to increase the price of the events.

~ Second, the current pricing plan is confusing and I am looking for a much simpler plan.

My current thoughts:

The membership fee is removed and rolled into the event costs. This means NPCs don't have to worry about the membership fee and we don't have the problem of a first time player joining in September or October and not getting full value from their membership. Event fees are increased by $5, plus membership rolled into events would make the base event cost $85.

I wanted to have one simplified price for events and use back-logged CP to encourage pre-registration and tenting. I was thinking the pre-registration was worth .5 backlogged CP, as was tenting. This greatly simplifies payment information.

The other change I was considering was making packets into straight donations. We would still reimburse the material costs for other props.

My question is this: how many people rely on these price reductions to attend events and donate to Madrigal? If you feel like this cost reductions are what keep you going to Madrigal could you drop me a private email to that effect? I am trying to create a simple pricing structure for the game and still be within a comfortable price range for players.


Poll #1666601 Proposed Changes for 2011:

Do you rely on tenting/pre-registering price reductions to attend events?

Yes: without them I will have problems affording events.
Sort-of: I like the price break, but it won't prevent me from attending events.
No: I don't rely on these price breaks to attend events.

(If you make packets for Madrigal regularly) How do you feel about packets being straight CP, no monetary reimbursement for materials?

I will continue to make packets for CP only.
Without reimbursement for materials, I will not continue to make packets.
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