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Some Notes on the Revel:

* Firstly, to quell some rumors:
YES, we discussed cancelling or rescheduling the revel;
NO, we do not intend to do so at this time.
That said: we are watching the weather closely - if a severe storm is forecast to roll in that weekend (severe being defined by us, at the time), we may need to make other arrangements. We will attempt to let everyone know with as much notice as possible, weather being what it is.

* Due to the LARGE amount of snow on the campsite (we're estimating 4' or more by the event) and the random layers of ice in and on it, outdoor encounters will be VERY LIMITED - y'know how we say that Revels are mainly roleplaying events, but we lie and beat on you anyway? Yeah. Not so much this time. Combat will be module-based, and we're considering putting all players (NPC and PC alike) under a Permanent Slow effect for the duration of the event, in and out-of-game. Running on the site is VERY dangerous at this time, so please take extra care when walking and driving around site.

* Parking, similarly, will be VERY LIMITED - we CANNOT park on the main camp road, due to the snow accumulation. Please park carefully in the designated parking areas (PCs up by Roskin hall; NPCs and Staff by Monster Camp), trying not to block roads such that emergency vehicles cannot get through. This will mean, sadly, that there will inevitably be cars parked in in-game areas: we apologise for this, and wish it wasn't the case. We appreciate your patience.

* The campsite is going to do their best to plow and shovel such that there are paths through the snow to the in-game areas, and try to plow out the parking areas such that cars will be able to get in and out easily. However, if you are so inclined, bringing a shovel with you, and possibly some sand or CLAY cat litter for traction, will not go amiss. Yes, we're serious. There may end up being "shoveling and/or helping get cars out for CP".

* To paraphrase JJ: If you suddenly aren't cold anymore, and stop shivering? You have NOT just developed superpowers, you're dying of hypothermia. Please remember that there is a pesky "Murthean Plague" running around in-game, which tends to strike adventurers without warning, particularly when they are dehydrated/cold/exhausted. Please take care of yourself OOG, and remember, if you're too sick to work, you may be too sick to LARP.

*phew* Even for all that, we are VERY excited about the event, and hope to see you there! :)
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