Trey (bluestocking) wrote in madrigal_larp,

Thank you for a great April event!

Thanks to everyone who came out for our April event! We had a wonderful time, and hope that you did too. Thanks especially to our amazing NPCs, who work so hard to help create fun and challenges for our players!

If you're new to the game, or are looking for a refresher on how Event Check-out and Player Event Letters (PELs) work, please see the Madrigal website. To earn character points, your PEL must be submitted within two weeks of an event - the deadline for PELs for this event is May 5th. (You can submit a PEL after that, of course - and please, please do - you just won't be assigned cp for it)

PELs are a vital part of making a carefully constructed, detailed game experience for you. The staff wants to know what you're thinking, dreaming, and planning, so that we can prepare appropriately, and so we can create a game reality that's as real as possible for your character. We want to know what you didn't enjoy as well, of course, so that we can learn and grow and create better game experiences for you. If you have criticisms, we just ask that you please be nice - this is our hobby too, and no-one likes to be yelled at. Constructive criticism is great). PELs are also a significant part of the staff 'paycheck' - when you had a great time, and tell us so, we get a warm fuzzy feeling that all of our effort and hard work has paid off. PELs give us joy and inspiration, and we can't wait to read yours!

Our next event is Highsummer: June 8-10, 2012.  Hope to see you there!
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