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Darkness Falls‏

With the solstice past and the new moon days gone, the denizens of Shadowfane look towards nights filled with moonlight. As the gather approaches, however, dimness hangs in the air. At night the hairs on the back of the neck stand on edge. Shadowy figures dance at the edge of vision. Residents of Shadowfane with a longer history dream of haunting melodies in the darkness. As the gather approaches even magical light begins to dim and fail. As if waiting for the light to fade, figures drift closer and closer to hearths and patrols. Shadow blankets the land and within that cloak figures wait to come forth.

~ Players should make every effort to make opening ceremonies, or send a reliable representative with a good understanding of rules.

~ Most magical lights fail this gather. The exceptions are blacklights, purple lights, or in a pinch red lights although we prefer the former.

~ Candle props are acceptable if the are "lit" by a priest, druid, or shaman.

~ The light normally used in the bone circles of shamans works fine. The lights on the stairs to Veleska's old tavern works fine.

~ The Death Gate appears in a new place and players setting up that gate should find me before they do their set up.

~ Shadow Paladins and Shadowmancers feel more powerful. Their shadow abilities are slightly stronger. For this event anyone with these headers gets one point of Shadow Energy that can be used in place of Air, Earth, Fire or Water to pay for skills and abilities under Shadow Paladin and Shadowmancer. This point of Shadow Energy resets with Void/Focus. Shadow Paladins and Shadowmancers can also feel the taste of the Foul in the air around them, similar to the time of the Festival of the Dead. The can feel the corruption seeking them.

~ Players might be tainted with Corruption points during this event. For each point of corruption inflicted upon them they can feel that their spirit is closer and closer to being consumed by Shadow. Characters feel that they would not return if the realm of Shadow claimed their spirit because they received too many points of Corruption.

In addition, players with Corruption points can spend them in place of attribute points to power their skills and abilities. This expends the Corruption points, but does not expel them. The total number of Corruption points you have suffered does not change when you use them in this fashion. These points are refreshed with Void/Focus. In fact, when you rest to refresh attributes you *must* refresh Corruption points first. Many players will, for role playing reasons, wish to refuse to call on these points of Corruption. Those PCs will find that in times of anger, stress, despair, fear, or battle fury they will use them without realizing it at the time. We leave it to the players to decide the dramatic moments where their spirit expends these points.

Each time you are affected by a "Inflict Corruption" effect you will gain one corruption point. Each time you receive a "Cure Corruption" effect you will be cleansed of one Corruption point from your total. You gain the Malediction trait as long as you have at least one Corruption point. If you ever reach seven total points you are consumed by Shadow. Turn to spirit and go to monster camp. We apologize in advance if this occurs.

In addition, Shadow Chasms may appear during the event in certain areas. These chasms of corrupted Shadow will have bits of purple and blue light. Players who fall onto these chasms, reach over them to attack something on the other side with a melee weapon, or attempt to pass through them with lose 4 points of Fire and gain one point of Corruption. You probably don't want to do this.

We will see everyone at the event!

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