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Festival of the Dead

As the world turns gray and the warmer months fade, the Festival of the Dead approaches. In the lands far to the south, a lone figure wearing a dark cloak with a white star on the shoulder walks through the ruins of an old keep, located in an oasis in the middle of the sands. There is no one left among the living there, though recent bloodstains indicate that there were inhabitants, perhaps not long ago. He pauses for a moment to touch a torn, bloodstained banner with the same star symbol that adorns his cloak, before continuing on.

He touches one of the doorways, and a gate appears, leading into a small room containing a box on a pedestal and nothing else. The box is empty now, though the faint outline on the lining of the box indicates something lay there for a long time. The man touches the indentation briefly, eyes fluttering closed, then turns and walks back into the main part of the keep, the gate closing behind him.

Leaving the building entirely, he strides out into the cold winter air, then opens another gate, this to a familiar location. He steps into Shadowfane and asks that the following word be spread:

“I am Sir Nathaniel, of the Order of the Star, and I must beg of you your aid. The last stronghold of the Order of the Star has fallen, and the fallen of the Order are not at rest. Their spirits do not rest easy, not with their deaths, and not with their failure. There is something that must be recovered, and those who fell here must be dealt with. I will keep the gate to this place open all through the Festival of the Dead.”

As the world turns gray and the warmer months fade, the Festival of the Dead approaches. In the lands far to the north, in the mountains, several figures gather around a ritual circle. Two are vampires, one with a mask that covers her face and rises above her head, the other shorter, dressed in red and black and gold. The others appear to be human, dressed as the wandering folk do, but in dark colors usually shunned by those people. They move carefully in a pattern around the ritual circle, placing components and candles at carefully spaced intervals. At the center of the circle is a map, with a dark dot in the northwest quadrant.

During the coming event the campsite will be split into halves. People staying in Roskin Hall will be staying in the ruins of the destroyed keep of the Order of the Star, located in a twisted oasis in Onhur. The cold of the Winter Lord still lingers outside the keep. These heroes have gone through Sir Nathaniel's gate to satisfy their curiosity or to answer his call for help. Those staying in Shadowfane will be staying in their normal cabins. A gate will remain open between the two places for the event so players can pass freely between the two, assuming some sinister force does not succeed in preventing that passage.

During this event characters with the Ghul race will feel the rising corruption, both from the Festival of the Dead and from... something else. Ghul characters will become more powerful, and more vampiric during the course of the event. Some Ghuls will look exactly the same, while others will gain features closer to the Vampire Court. Fangs are possible, as are darkened or even blood red lips. Players who wish to do so may alter there costuming for the event to reflect this change to some Ghuls. (The Festival of the Dead lasts the entire event.)

As a roleplaying effect Ghuls can sense their demeanor is much more prone to rage and violence. Ghuls with strong temperance can control these urges, though some Ghuls might have more trouble doing so.

Ghuls have the following additional powers during the night time hours:

Ghuls will have an additional point of Vitality at night.

Ghuls have two points of Blood Strength. You may use these points in place of Air, Earth, Fire or Water when using skills or spells. These points refresh once per day at sunset or with a Refresh Blood Strength effect.

Once per event you may, if you have a *willing* recipient, you may role play taking blood from them. During this role play make a touch attack (with a packet) and call out "Waste 2 Fire by Blood" to refresh your Blood Strength points. If you feed you gain the Fed by Blood trait for the rest of the event.

Ghuls can also feel they will be much more susceptible during the weekend to being turned to Blood Thralls and controlled by powerful vampires than other players.
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