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Teaser for RP day 1/12/13

The Night of Dreams approaches. It is longest and last night of the year in Aerune. With the dawn comes the beginning of the new year, and with it renewed hope for the present and future. The Night of Dreams, however, is a time of remembrance. Ancient spirits stir on this last night and visit the halls and hearths of the living. These spirits listen for tales of the past. To speak, on the Night of Dreams, of the future - of what must be done is to disrespect the ancient spirits and invite ill fortune in the year ahead.

While the winter months often prevent folk from gathering for the Night of Dreams, this year the magic of Diardha beckons the heroes of Shadowfane to find their way into the hidden halls that once marked the border of that kingdom. Ancient gates open and invite travelers to celebrate the Night of Dreams. A princess walks halls long empty that once marked the border of her kingdom and calls to heroes to join her to remember the past.


The Night of Dreams is a time to remember deeds past. It is considered both disrespectful and bad luck to speak of the present and future. The tasks, business, and worries of the year ahead are set aside during the Night of Dreams. The Gifted Races have one last chance to remember the deeds and words of the past before the year fades from the world and with it the old magics. The Night of Dreams, the last song in the melody of the year, is a time to remember heroic deeds both great and small. Stories of the year past, and of the countless years before it, are celebrated and shared.

The wintry months and dangerous roads of Aerune have meant that the Night of Dreams is most often celebrated with a small group of immediate family. In ancient days, however, the Night of Dreams was more often a time of large gatherings. And this years so it shall be again.

Although the gathering of the Night of Dreams is a time to meet and celebrate, there are four celebrations that are traditionally spread among the gathering.

The Lessons of Spring
This celebration is a presentation of puzzles to the guests. Sometimes clever guests who enjoy this will arrive with contributions to this celebration, though this is not required nor it is the usual etiquette. The puzzles are meant to represent the knowledge gained throughout the year. Guests often join in pairs or groups of three to work on the puzzles together. The puzzles are not presented at one time, but rather made available during the celebration as a chance for guests to display their cleverness and wit for the length of the party. The guests present solutions to the hosts are their leisure, and then return the puzzles so other guests my attempt them. It is said that sometimes those who complete the puzzles are rewarded by whispers of past knowledge by spirits of ancient times, but more often the host offers some bit of knowledge or a favor for those who complete enough of the puzzles to satisfy them. Guests who present their own puzzles to the party are said to bring great favor, but only if the puzzles bring joy to the other guests. Puzzles that are too easy or too hard are often set aside the the chance at extra favor is lost.

The Trophies of Summer
This celebration begins as guests arrive. Guests are invited upon arrival to place a trinket, trophy or creation of some sort on display as a remembrance of the past. Later during the celebration the host invites attendees to step forward and say a few sentences on what past deed the trinket represents to them. This celebration is also a way for friends who could not attend to be present in spirit; it was not unknown for someone who could not be present to send a trinket with another to represent them. Legend say that ancient spirits sometimes lend their blessing and magic to trinkets that please them and these trinkets carry good fortune in the year ahead.

The presentation of the trophy is called the Summer Remembrance. Although many guests in modern times will present their trophy informally as a short tribute to some past deed, the traditional format for the "Summer Remembrance" is three sentences, presented in a verbal meter to make it clear when one ends and the next begins. Highborn guests are traditionally more likely to remain true to the Summer Remembrance format. The meter of the Summer Remembrance traditionally consists of two medium length sentences followed by one longer sentence, with a rising meter between them to make it clear to those in attendance where each sentence begins and ends.

The Harvests of Autumn
This celebration is a presentation of food from harvests and hunts of the year past.

The Warmth of Winter
In this celebration the host invites attendees to take up heated drink and to celebrate a past deed by honoring it with a toast. Those who step forward will raise a glass, and briefly honor a deed of the past, both great and small.

The event begins at 2 pm and Camp Clara Barton and ends at 10 pm. There is an out of game gathering after the event once people have a chance to remove any make up or uncomfortable costuming. Players wishing to stay over night are welcome to do so, but they should contact us to make sure we have enough room.s


Because I totally forgot to include this in the teaser, we encourage players to bring in game mugs and drinking vessels to the role play event.

We are looking for players who can cook to provide dishes for the role play day!

We will be giving out CP for players willing to contribute food to the event that does not detract from the in game atmosphere.

Baked Goods: .5 CP

Warm Goods in crock pot or pan: 1 CP

Drop me a line if you are interested.

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