Marika (jjmarika) wrote in madrigal_larp,

A Call to War‏

As snow blankets Aerune and most of the lands settle down to wait for spring, all is not quiet in Avanlei, where long-bubbling tensions between Avanlei and their dark neighbors, the Malekyrg, have recently erupted into open warfare. It seems the ongoing depredations of the Malekyrg were too much to be born by the kingdom of Avanlei and that the time had come to take a stand.

And yet...

There have been rumors for months of a dark influence in Avanlei, of strange occurrances among the nobility, of a few too many glimpses of faces with a web across them. The people of Avanlei say there is nothing wrong, save the war, and firmly turn their faces towards the East and the threat there.

And yet...

From an estate in southern Avanlei, far from the capital, several groups messengers are sent out, riding towards the borders. One lone messenger, traveling through the Griffon peaks in the dead of winter, manages to escape Avanlei and bears a message to the north, to Shadowfane, where he asks that it be spread.

Duke Ansellus Galanar, Lord of House Galanar and Knight of Avanlei, has called to the Heroes of Shadowfane to come to a fortified inn just outside Inverne, the Copper Lion. There are two threats in Avanlei right now, one open, one hidden, both of grave danger to the country. He calls to those of Shadowfane to come to Avanlei to deal with the threat posed by the Shetra and the ongoing war with the Malekyrg.

OOG portion: the entire campsite will be representing an area in Avanlei, with the Roskin side of the camp being the main house and the 'normal' side of camp being some outlying buildings (NOT Shadowfane).
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