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Madrigal event June 14-16:

Far to the south of Mhurkiel the mists of the open ocean have parted, revealing a previously unknown island to the sailors and pirates that sail near the area. Tales place the island in the ocean east of Onhur, separated from the Land of the Dead by the mountains that run on the eastern border of that land. News of the mysterious island has spread throughout the many kingdoms of Aerune, and several organizations have sent ships of explorers to investigate the island and create Gates back to the mainland.

So far, no gates have been created and no explorer has returned.

In Shadowfane, a woman with a mask covering half of her face walks around town and talks briefly to a few people, then posts the following message in the tavern:

To the People of Shadowfane -

I believe the island that has just appeared to the south of Mhurkiel contains some of the answers that we seek regarding the Virtues... and the Abberant, that we were told would be opened to the world.

If you can make your way to the coast of Kordova, there will be a boat waiting there to take us to the island. I don’t know what will be there, only that those who have gone have not returned.

- Isabelle

Over the next few weeks, a man in the garb of a priest of Naveril starts working with members of town to arrange supplies for a long journey, and opens a gate to Kordova for those who don’t wish to make the trip overland.

After several weeks of preparation, the ship sets forth...

OOG notes:

The June Madrigal event will be taking place at another campsite (details below) and will not be taking place in Shadowfane.

For this event, the items in your cabins will represent the belongings of the previous visitors to the island. You need not set up group or character specific decorations. When you arrive at the island you will feel a slight sense of foreboding that will only subside when you find a place where the spirits welcome you; ie. the bunk and cabin where you have set up your things. If you wish to have character specific decorations you may set aside a trunk or box that you can carry and use to decorate once game has begun.

The Gate of Death will obviously be at an alternate location that will be revealed at opening ceremonies. Be aware that the Gate of Death feels strange and the mechanics for death might be different this weekend.

The game will be taking place at Camp Frank-A-Day, in East Brookfield, MA.


125 South Pond Road

East Brookfield, MA 01515

From Massachusetts:

Take the Mass Pike to exit 9, Sturbridge. Take the first right after the toll booth, which is Rte. 20 West.

Turn right just before the American Motor Lodge onto New Boston Rd. Clock 4.8 miles, always bearing right at forks until 4.8 miles, at which point take two lefts and you will be in camp. Signs are posted.

From New York and Connecticut:

Take Rte. 84 to the last exit before the Mass Pike, which is Rte. 20 West. Follow directions above beginning with "Turn right just before the American Motor Lodge."

There’s some more camp information here: (And yes, that is the website for MM. Ignore all the MM specific information.)
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