Marika (jjmarika) wrote in madrigal_larp,


To all the peoples across the lands of Aerune -

It is with pride and solemnity, celebration and joy that we announce this news today. Many have worked toward this moment, and although it is for the Judge to decide, his wisdom is complete and in accordance with the will of his people.

Let it be known that on this day, the 22nd day of Son'l, in the year 1523 of the Common Calendar - the White Court welcomes back our sister Elshea. She retakes her place as a full member of the White Court, with all of the rights, privileges and responsibilities thereunto. Let her Holy Day be celebrated, her Priests and High Priests welcomed, and her temples filled with the devotions of the faithful.

Long has she been apart from the family of Aradach – let all difficulties be put to rest, all animosities released, and all thoughts of guilt or wrongdoing expunged. Our sister has returned to us, and our family is once again complete. This is a day of joy and re-unification.

By my name, and in accordance with Divine Will,

Stefano III
High Patriarch of Aradach, Servant of the Sovereign, Adjudicator of our Souls, Arbiter of Divine Truth
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